Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Ceramic Fiber Bulk

What is Ceramic Fiber Bulk?

Ceramic Fiber Bulk is a high temperature refractory insulation material manufactured from high purity alumina and silica raw materials on computer-controlled furnaces to provide consistent fiber properties. Fibers are lightweight, chemically inert, and have all the positive characteristics of ceramic fiber. Bulk insulation is the perfect solution for insulating intricate spaces, parts, or shape forming for various commercial and industrial applications. Our office currently stocks “spun” ceramic fiber bulk rated for temperatures up to 2300º F and 2600º F. If a different temperature rating or grade is needed, please contact our office directly for a custom quote.

Blown vs Spun vs Chopped Fibers?

In addition to varying temperature grades, Ceramic Fiber bulk is available in blown, spun, or chopped fibers. Blown fiber has the smallest fiber size and is more flexible in comparison to the other grades. Spun fiber is very similar to blown, with the exception of longer fibers and a greater rupture /  tensile strength. Spun fiber is still light and airy in appearance and is the most commonly used fiber in applications.  Chopped fiber has the largest fiber size and is bulky in appearance. Our office currently stocks spun fiber but if another grade is required, please contact us for a custom quote.


  • Resists temperatures as high as 2300º F, fire resistant
  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and excellent thermal shock resistant
  • High-temperature stabiliy and consistent fiber properties
  • Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance (Exluding hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis)
  • Lightweight, structure uniformity, and low thermal conductivity
  • Lubricants can be added to fibers to enhance specific properties for different applications
  • If exposed to water or steam, thermal and physical properties are restored upon drying
  • Low thermal shrinkage at high temperatures
  • Several grades and temperature limits available
  • Resist oxidation and reduction
  • Low sound absorption
Ceramic Fiber Bulk


  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • High-temperature fill and packing for expansion joints, furnace base seals, Tube seals, Burner tile packing
  • Feedstock in manufacturing processes or other applications
  • Manufacture of other ceramic fiber products such as high-temperature boards,  felts, & paper
  • Specialized vacuum-formed and moldable shapes / products
  • Combustion chambers for commercial & residential boilers
  • Fireplace logs and panels for gas fireplaces
  • Chimney insulation
  • Riser sleeves for molten metal casting
  • Tap out cones for molten metal applications
  • Low mass kiln cars

Useful Charts

Ceramic Fiber Bulk Properties
PropertiesHigh Purity | SpunZirconia Grade | SpunHigh Purity | Chopped
Maximum Use
Continuous Use
Melting Point
2300℉ |1260℃
2150℉ |1175℃
3200℉ |1760℃
2600℉ |1430℃
2450℉ |1345℃
3200℉ |1760℃
2300℉ |1260℃
2150℉ |1175℃
3200℉ |1760℃
Average Fiber Diameter3-4 Microns3-4 Microns1.5-2.5 μm
Fiber Index45-55%45%45-55%
Specific Gravity2.73 g/cc2.73 g/cc2.73 g/cc
Chemical Composition:
Ceramic Fiber Bulk Info & Pricing
ProductGradeQuantityPrice per Carton
Spun FiberHigh Purity25lbs | 11.34kg (1 bag)$110.00
Zirconia Grade25lbs | 11.34kg (1 bag)$140.00
Chopped FiberHigh Purity750lbs | 340.20kg (15 bags)$2250.00

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