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CFC fixture Carbon Fiber Shelving

What are CFC Fixtures?

Carbon Fiber Composite, or CFC fixtures (Shelving) have become the primary solution due to the material’s advantageous properties in comparison to traditional cast and welded metal. Fixtures are commonly used in the heat treating industry and consist of varying designs contingent upon the specific application (Modular Grids, Shelving, Egg Crates, and Bakers Racks). Our office offers custom fabricated solutions using random chopped fiber, as well as traditional 2D CFC  for fixtures, shelving, and baskets. This random chopped fiber is unique to the industry providing even greater design flexibility, strength, and resistance to oxidation.

Standard designs

Carbon Fiber Composite Modular Grid Design Carbon Fiber Shelving Egg Crate

Modular Grid CFC Shelving Design

These carbon fiber modular grids feature chopped fiber CFC and compatible with other systems. Using this material permits machining of the most complex geometric grid patterns and differing hole shapes without compromising strength. Reinforced ribs and guides can easily be added to any design if requested, along with stepped profiles. Additionally, shelves can be flame sprayed with alumina to prevent eutectic contact reactions.

Standard grid sizes stocked are 24″ x 36″. For custom fabrications and sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Carbon Fiber Composites Egg Crate Design Carbon Fiber Shelving Egg Crate

Egg Crate CFC Shelving Design

Assembled from separate carbon fiber shelving sheets dovetailed together. Designed for maximum strength and support, while being light weight and open to permit temperature uniformity. Posts are constructed of machined graphite and shelving layers can be locked together to enable the entire assembly to be lifted. Customized lifting devices can be designed to accommodate the specific application. This design is highly repairable and easily maintained, as individual damaged slots can be replaced. This is highly effective low cost solution using CFC (carbon fiber composite) or chopped fiber.

Carbon Fiber Composites Baker's Rack Design Carbon Fiber Shelving

Baker’s Rack CFC Shelving Design

The unique design of the Carbon Fiber Bakers Rack allows shelving to be removed and reloaded while the frame stays in the furnace. The shelves can be grids or solid in structure depending on your application requirements. Rack supports can be made of CFC (Carbon Fiber Composite), machined graphite, or Moly. The unit can be quickly disassembled and offers the added value of a stationary work zone solution.

CFC basket coated

CFC Anti-Eutectic Coatings

Anti-Eutectic Ceramic Coatings can be applied to all of our CFC fixture designs. Our array of coatings make your CFC parts resistant to eutectic reactions. If your application has any potential for eutectic reactions, let our team provide you with coating options for your next project.


  • Increased strength and durability.
  • Little to no warpage over time.
  • Less thermal mass, leading to quicker heat up and cool down.
  • Lower energy cost due to lower thermal mass.
  • Improved temperature uniformity inside the furnace.
  • Better cost performance.
  • Lighter weight so easier to load and unload.
  • Any shape or hole pattern is able to be machined.
  • Ability to be adhesively bonded or cemented.
  • Molded or wound into complex shapes.
  • Increased working area allowing for greater production output for every furnace cycle.
Carbon Fiber Composite Racks and Shelving


  • Heat treating and furnace fixtures.

Useful Chart & RFQ Form

Chopped Fiber CFC Grade Properties
Typical PropertiesUnitsPC70PC70HPC40PC30
Fiber Direction / LengthRandom / ShortRandom / ShortRandom / ShortRandom / Short
Bulk Densityg/cm³1.651.7+1.651.65
Flexural StrengthMPa200220180180
Tensile StrengthMPa120145160120
Youngs ModulusGPa45507545
Compressive StrengthMPa120200+190110
Interlaminar Shear StrengthMPa1919+1616
(Room Temp‑1300℃)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
10 -6/℃
10 -6/℃
Thermal Conductivity ∥
W/m · k
W/m · k
Specific Heat20℃J/Kg · K720720740720
Electrical ResistivityμΩcm2000180012001400
Charpy Impact StrengthKJ/m²20202020
HardnessShore D75757570
Temperature Rating
Notes: ∥ Parallel to fiber Axis
⊥ Perpendicular to Fiber Axis
 * Possible to use at higher temperatures at the users discretion.
 Information provided is average and not guaranteed.
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