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Combustion Chamber lined with Ceramic Modules.


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By: Philip Kent – Materials Science Engineer

Ceramic Fiber Modules have been implemented in Thermal Oxidizer Units (TOU) and vessels for over 50 years. They are the main choice of high-temperature insulation. This is due to the fact that ceramic fiber blanket, attached with stainless steel pins and washers, has diminishing returns as you increase the thickness of the refractory lining. If your management (or engineers) have decided to install ceramic fiber modules and convert over from blanket and pins, here are some specific guidelines you should consider before embarking on this journey. 

Multi-Tiered CFC Fixture with removable posts engineered by CeraMaterials. 

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New HQ, Larger Warehouse, & More Inventory

CeraMaterials opened its doors 12 years ago, and during that time, has become a major player for the heat-treat industry. A key ingredient to that success can be reduced down to a simple concept: listening.

“What we try to do that I think a lot of companies miss, and it’s very basic, is actively listen,” said Jeff Opitz, president of CeraMaterials. “When a customer comes to us with a problem or a material request, we’re very intentional about understanding what our customer is asking for, and then rapidly responding with an appropriate solution.”

Jeff Opitz, President