What is Flex-Shield?

Flex-Shield is a flexible radiant heat shield produced by bonding graphite foil to a single woven layer of carbon/carbon composite. This provides an excellent protective barrier between fragile insulation materials and the furnace hot zone. Additionally, Flex-shield can be installed directly over carbon and graphite felt or conventional rigid board insulation. The material is optimized to be extremely durable but pliable enough for bending.

Benefits of Flex-Shield

  • Insulation Protection
  • Prevents heat pack erosion from high velocity gas flows and protects the insulation package from damage due to dropped parts. The use of Flex-Shield extends the life of conventional insulation heat packs.
  • Machinability
  • Can be easily cut using a utility knife and straight edge. Additionally, more complex shapes can be formed with a punch press.
  • Easy installation
  • Covers the face of the insulation package by conforming to the walls of both round and square hot zones. It can be attached directly to the rigid board insulation with drywall-type graphite screws or held in place utilizing threaded studs attached to the hot zone cage or plenum.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduces conductive and radiant heat transfer.
  • Flexibility
  • 0.040″ inch thickness Flex-Shield has a max bending radius of 12″.

ApplicationsĀ of Flex-Shield

  • Furnace linings & gaskets.

Useful Charts

Flex-Shield Sheet Info & Pricing

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