Mineral Wool Boards

Mineral Wool Board

What is Mineral Wool Board?

Mineral Wool Boards provide a rigid solution for high-temperature insulation applications rated to a maximum temperature of 1900℉ on the hot surface of an enclosed panel. The boards are manufactured using mineral fibers and organic binders. Boards are not to be subjected to direct contact with a flame as a hot face but do offer a cost-effective solution if your operating temperatures are < 1900℉. Typically, the boards are used as a secondary insulator. Mineral Boards are available in a variety of dimensions, and custom shapes. If you are looking for a board not listed or custom fabrication, please contact us directly.

Additionally, when the boards are heated above 500℉ smoke is generated from the binder burning out of the board. This only occurs on the first high temperature run and will disperse. To minimize smoke on initial start-up, the heat should be controlled at 20℉ per minute to allow the binder to dissipate with small temperature increases. Ignition loss of the binder does not adversely affect the insulation value of the boards.

Mineral Wool Board Vs Fiber Glass

Both Mineral Wool board and Fiber Glass have their pros and cons. However, the primary difference between the two is their temperature rating. Fiber Glass comes in low at 675F-875F and most Mineral Wool Board sits at 1200F. However, CeraMaterial provides a higher temperature industrial grade board that sits at 1900F.


  • Excellent insulation efficiency and good strength.
  • Low thermal conductivity and asbestos free.
  • Simple to use, easy to cut and handle.
  • Boards do not absorb water or hold moisture.
Mineral Wool Boards


  • Precipitators, dryers, ducts, and breeching.
  • Utility boilers furnaces, and kilns.
  • Refractory backup insulation behind refractory linings.

Useful Charts

Mineral Board Properties
ColorGrey White
Classification Temperature1050℃ | 1920℉
Operating Temperature950℃ | 1700℉
Dimensions (mm)1200 x 600 x 12.7
1200 x 600 x 25
1200 x 600 x 50
Bulk Density14-17 lb/ft³ | 220-270 kg/m³
400℃ | -
600℃ | 0.108
800℃ | 0.116
Compression (Mpa)0.25
Shrinkage on Heating (<%)950℃ x 24h | 2.5
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 | 20%
SiO2 | 48%
CaO | 25%
Fe2O3 | ≤ 2%
Mineral Board Info & Pricing
Boards Per
Ft² Per
Price Per
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