Graphite Coating


ATC-LV3 is a low VOC, solvent-based coating with aluminum oxide filler in a preceramic polymer binder. This single-component coating was designed to prevent contact reactions of metals to graphite and can be applied to all graphite and carbon fiber composite surfaces.

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Temperature Rating: 2552℉

Grade: ATC-LV3

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  • Excellent thermal stability and non-dusting over a range of temperatures up to 2550℉ (1400℃) in non-oxidizing or vacuum environments.
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.
  • Good chemical and electrical resistance while maintaining physical properties.
  • Long lasting performance when applied to both uncoated and previously coated surfaces.
  • Low cost, repairable, and fast drying/curing.
  • 6 month plus shelf life.


  • Used to seal rigid graphite plates, insulation, and felt as well as porous graphite and carbon components to prevent eutectic reactions.


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