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BioSoluble Insulation Boards, MG-1900, are refractory insulation boards manufactured from a blend of soluble fibers rated to a max temperature of 2012F (1100C). Boards come standard with a water repellent coating on one side and provide a superior cost-effective solution for secondary insulation packages.

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Boards are sold per carton and palletized to ship Less Than Truckload (LTL Freight) to ensure safe delivery. Please contact us directly for a custom LTL shipping quote or place your order and a CeraMaterials’ representative will contact you to confirm shipping cost before processing your order.

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Temperature Rating: 2012℉(1100℃)

Grade: BioSoluble MG-1900

Density: 16-20lbs/ft³(256-320kg/m³)

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  • High resistance to thermal shock and lightweight
  • Low thermal conductivity, heat loss and storage
  • Excellent cutting and machining characteristics
  • Water repellent coating standard at no additional cost
  • Erosion resistant, non-corrosive, and contains no asbestos
  • Easy to install and high refractoriness with a max temperature of 2012℉(1100℃)


  • Versatile, rigid insulation used as secondary insulation
  • Replacement of mineral wool & other secondary packages
  • Industrial OEM furnaces, ovens, and kilns for petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, glass, and ceramic applications
  • Industrial combustion chamber construction
  • Full thickness refractory lining
  • Pouring forms for castable
  • Refractory lining for industrial furnace walls, roofs, doors, and stacks
  • Back-up insulation for brick and monolithic refractories
  • Common indsutries include Steel and Non-Ferrous, Glass and Ceramics, among others


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