Carbon Cordage Off Cuts

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Carbon Cordage Off Cuts are braided using carbonized polymer thread also known as tow. The cords are comprised of 4,000 to 36,000 individual filaments in a braided structure. The maximum service temperature in an oxidizing environment is 400℃ and in vacuum 2400℃. If you need a size not listed, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Temperature Rating:

In vacuum – 2400℃

In air – 400℃

Grade: Cordage

Carbon Content: 95%


  • High strength and lightweight.
  • Excellent thermal stability and good corrosion resistance.
  • High tensile and chemically inert to most chemicals from pH 0-14, excluding strong oxidizers like nitric or sulphuric acids.


  • Sewing or banding carbon or graphite felts in vacuum inert atmosphere furnaces or pump packing.
  • Wrapping of parts to provide insulation on certain sections and to hold parts in place.
  • Quick repair applications where bailing wire will not work.
  • Can also be used as heating cables due to the material’s electrical conductivity.


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