Ceramic Fiber Blanket
BioSoluble Grade 8lb


BioSoluble insulating blanket is manufactured from a blend of high purity calcium, silica, and magnesium. The modified composition results in a body soluble fiber that has a low bio persistence and is eco-friendly in comparison to traditional ceramic fiber. Rated to a temperature of 2300°F

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Temperature Rating: 2300℉

Grade: Bio-Soluble

Density: 8lbs/cu.ft

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  • Low bio persistence
  • RCF free and high purity alkaline composition
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Low thermal conductivity and linear shrinkage up to use limit
  • Low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock
  • Lightweight, flexible, and thermally efficient


  • Furnace repair
  • Furnace, kiln, reformer and boiler linings
  • Furnace door linings and seals
  • Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines
  • High-temperature kiln and furnace insulation
  • Primary reformer heater insulation
  • High temperature gasketing
  • Expansion joint seals
  • Glass furnace crown insulation
  • Field steam generator lining.
  • Nuclear insulation applications
  • Thermal reactor insulation
  • Flexible high temperature pipe insulation
  • Investment casting mold wrapping
  • Removable casting mold wrapping
  • Removable insulating blankets for stress relieving welding.
  • Pressure and cryogenic vessel fire protection
  • Soaking pit seals
  • High temperature filtration
  • Incineration equipment and stack linings.
  • Strips for gasketing material.


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