Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Wet Wool Grade


Ceramic Fiber Blanket Wet Wool (WW) is manufactured for insulating complex shapes, and service under high hot gas velocities. Material is flexible during installation and cures to form a hard rigid structure via air (ambient temperature) or heat in place. Need a custom size? Contact us for a quote.

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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Wet Wool (WW) is specifically manufactured for insulating complex shapes and services under high hot gas velocities. Material is permeated with inorganic bonding agents and packaged in a clear polyethylene bag to retain the wet binder during shipping and storage. The manufacturing process results in flexible insulation that can be formed to complex shapes in place and air dries to form a hard, rigid structure. Additionally, the material can be cured by immediate exposure to temperature in application. Material has a dry density of 12-18 lbs/ft3 (190-290 kg/m3).

Tempeature Rating: 2000℉

Grade: Wet Wool (WW)

Dry Density: 12-18 lbs/cu.ft

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  • Excellent velocity resistance
  • Flexible insulation solution with excellent conformance to complex shapes
  • Ambient or heat cure to form rigid structure
  • Excellent handling and hot strength
  • Low thermal conductivity and heat storage
  • Excellent fire resistance and thermal stability
  • Lightweight and resilient material
  • Thermal shock resistance and high heat reflectance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability

Applications of Wet Wool Blanket

  • Hot gas duct, flue, and stacking linings
  • Recuperator and blow pipe linings
  • External and internal pipe insulation
  • Reformer header insulation
  • Process furance tube weld protection
  • Thermal and corrosion protection of process heater tube supports
  • Hot face layer for heater, furnace, and kiln linings where hot gas velocities exceed (12.2 m/sec | 40 ft/sec)


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