Ceramic Fiber Board
Single HD Board Packs


If you are not looking to purchase a full carton of Ceramic Fiber Boards, our office does provide High Density ceramic board singles that are specially packaged for shipping with UPS to ensure safe delivery.

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Temperature Rating: 2300℉

Grade: High Density

Density: 22-25lbs/ft³

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  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent strength and hardness
  • Low thermal conductivity, sound transmission, and heat storage
  • Uniform density and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack
  • Excellent rigidity and modulus of rupture make the boards strong and self-supporting, yet relatively lightweight and easy to cut or machine
  • Resistant to oxidation and reduction
  • Permits fast thermal cycling without cracking or spalling
  • Resists penetration by molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals


  • Insulating support to brick and castable
  • Furnace hot face lining
  • Industrial heat process equipment insulation
  • High temperature gasket and seals
  • Flue & chimney linings in furnaces or kilns
  • Molten metal trough covers
  • Expansion joints
  • Industrial heat shields and thermal barriers
  • Industrial combustion chamber construction
  • Infra red element supports
  • Board over blanket hot face lining
  • Full thickness refractory lining
  • High temperature boiler wall insulation
  • Pouring forms for castable
  • Refractory lining for industrial furnace walls, roofs, doors, and stacks
  • Well suited for applications experiencing vibration, mechanical stress, and strong erosive forces
  • Combustion chamber liners, boilers and heaters
  • Back-up insulation for brick and monolithic refractories
  • Transfer of molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • Barrier against flame or heat
  • Hot face layer for high velocity or abrasive furnace atmosphere


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