Ceramic Fiber


Ceramic Fiber Sleeving is a woven fabric manufactured with insert materials of Inconel Wire or Fiberglass filaments to increase handling strength. Typical applications include thermal pipe wrapping, wire insulation, hydraulic hose insulation, gaskets, tadpole gaskets, seals, and furnace apparatus coverings.

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Ceramic Fiber Sleeving

Temperature Rating: 2300℉

Insert Material Temp Rating:

2000℉ – Inconel Wire

1200℉ – Fiberglass Filaments

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  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Low heat storage and thermal conductivity
  • Thermal shock and fire proof resistant
  • Lightweight, flexible, and thermally efficient
  • Woven texture with excellent handling strength
  • Chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals


  • Expansion joint fabric
  • Insulation wrapping material for pipes, wire, cable, exhaust, and other geometric shapes
  • Protective insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and welding curtains
  • High temperature seals, gaskets, and tadpole gaskets


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