Ceramic Fiber
Weaved Cloth


Ceramic Fiber Weaved cloth is a woven fabric manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn with insert materials of Inconel wire or Fiberglass filaments. Typical applications include gaskets, seals, pipe wrapping, furnace and welding curtains. Operating at 1800℉ (982℃) or less, consider our Silica Cloth.

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Temperature Rating: 2300℉ | 1260℃

Insert Material Temp Rating:

2000℉ (1093℃) – Inconel Wire

1200℉ (649℃) – Fiberglass Filaments


  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Low heat storage and thermal conductivity
  • Thermal shock and fire proof resistant
  • Lightweight, flexible, and thermally efficient
  • Woven texture with excellent handling strength
  • Chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals


  • Expansion joint fabric
  • Insulation wrapping material for pipes, wire, cable, exhaust, and other geometric shapes
  • Protective insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and welding curtains
  • High temperature seals, gaskets, and tadpole gaskets


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