Ceramic Fiberboard Glue


Ceramic Fiberboard glue is a colloidal silica based glue best used for joining two pieces of ceramic fiber board together or patching small areas. The glue’s consistency makes an application to ceramic fiber surfaces easy and is applied by troweling or hand forming. Our stocked glue is rated to 2300℉ & 2600℉


Temperature Rating: 2300℉ & 2600℉

Grade: 2300 & 2600

Product Documentation


  • Ease and versatility of application.
  • Excellent adhesion and finishing properties.
  • Ability for multiple coats and greater thickness if required.


  • Joining ceramic fiber products, such as boards.
  • Adhesive and coating for Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Shapes.
  • Repair cracks or damage areas for burner blocks or ceramic fiber shapes.
  • Flame resistant coating.


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