Ceramic Fiberboard
Moldable Mix


Ceramic moldable mix consists of ceramic fibers dispersed in a slightly sticky refractory binder system to permit vibratory casting rated to 2300F. The putty-like consistency allows easy application by caulking, troweling, hand-forming, and pressure molding. Mix readily dries over a range of temperatures from ambient to high temperatures and is a great solution for custom shapes, repairs, and patches.


Temperature Rating: 2300℉

Grade: 2300

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  • Ability to create custom shapes and sizes for unique applications.
  • Ease of use and varying application methods.
  • Dries over a range of temperatures.
  • Mix hardens with high tensile strength and resistance to molten metals.


  • Patching refractory joints and cracks
  • Hardware protection of ceramic fiber furnace linings.
  • Patching for burner blocks & vacuum formed ceramic fiber parts.
  • Custom shape making


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