CFC Plates
PC70 Chopped Fiber

$480.00 $325.00

On sale! CFC Plates made from PC70 Chopped Fiber providing greater interlaminar shear strength, higher density, and resistance to oxidation.

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Temperature Rating:

In vacuum – 3000℃

Grade: Grid

Density: 1.7 g/cm³

Inter-laminar Shear Strength (ILSS): 19 MPa


  • High strength and modulus.
  • Fire resistant and dimensionally stable.
  • Configuration of Carbon Fabric.
  • Fatigue and fracture resistant. Cracks will not propagate as with molded graphite fixtures.
  • Lightweight and low thermal mass permitting one to load more parts in each furnace due to the material’s excellent strength to weight ratio while reducing cycle time.
  • Thermal deformation resistant. CFC will remain flat and increase in strength at elevated temperatures reducing scrap and maintaining stricter part tolerances in comparison to metal which warps over time.


  • Aerospace and military.
  • Heat treating and furnace fixtures.
  • Primary and secondary structures.
  • Windmill blades.
  • Brake linings, automotive, and tooling.
  • Solid rocket nozzles.


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