Colloidal Alumina Rigidizer


Colloidal Alumina Rigidizer is used to increase the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of ceramic fiber products up to 3000℉ (1650℃). If your operating temperatures do not exceed 2600℉, please review our Colloidal Silica Rigidizer.


Temperature Rating: 3000℉

Product Documentation


  • Increases surface hardness of ceramic products.
  • Easily applied by brushing, rolling, dipping, or spraying.
  • Reflects heat and thermal shock resistant.
  • Bond composites and laminates.
  • Increases resistance to erosion of high velocity gases.


  • Surface coating for ceramic products exposed to high velocity gases or flame impingement.
  • Adhesive for use in making composites and laminates.
  • Adhesive for ceramic blanket and paper.
  • Catalytic converter mat protection.
  • Surface treatment for vacuum formed shapes to increase surface hardness.
  • Veneering Modules over Refractory.
  • Attaching Boards to Furnace Shell.


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