GFE-1 Pan Graphite


GFE-1 is ultra-high-quality Pan-based graphite manufactured with specialized treated fibers to achieve high liquid wetting and absorption.

  • A4 samples stocked & available for purchase.
  • 4 production rolls in stock & on sale.
  • Custom production requirements, sizes, & runs available. Please contact us for a quote.


Grade: GFE-1

Temperature Rating: 2000℃

Density: 0.09-0.15 g/cc


  • Our proprietary activation process increases active sites and surface area to over 1000+ M²/g.
  • The felt weave results in a smoother surface and a more homogeneous structure for more stable and consistent electrical performance.
  • GFE-1 is a custom run product and can be optimized for your specific application.


  • Vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB)
  • Fuel Cell and Flow Battery electrodes
  • Heated filaments
  • Sensor Technology

Be sure to see our specialty felt page for other specific felts.


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