GraphiSeal is a low viscosity liquid ceramic precursor resin which heat cures to silicon carbide (SiC). This coating is used to infiltrate and seal porous graphite, carbon fiber composites, and similar porous substrates used in harsh environments. GraphiSeal has even been used to seal porous ceramics.

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Temperature Rating:

In Vacuum – 3000℉

In air – 482℉

Grade: GraphiSeal

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  • This coating was engineered to lower porosity, while improving oxidation, wear, and corrosion resistance of porous based materials.
  • Low viscosity (<10cps) and odor.
  • Pyrolyzes to glass-ceramic in nitrogen or non-oxygen environments at 850℃.
  • Compatible with most metals, ceramic powders, and carbon/ceramic fibers.
  • Solvent free (Low VOC’s)
  • One or more impregnation cycles will fill internal porosity, increasing density, and further resulting in a thin film barrier on the outer surfaces.


  • Used to seal graphite, carbon fiber composites, and similar substrates.
  • Oil quenching.


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