Graphite Adhesive EBS-1X


EBS-1X is a one-part high-temperature graphite adhesive that is carbon-filled and reinforced. EBS-1X is a great solution for bonding, filling, and repairing graphite or CFC components used in reducing atmospheres to 5400℉ (2982℃).

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Temperature Rating: 5400℉

Grade: 1X

4 mil coverage: ≅400ft²/gal

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  • High carbon yield and 100% Solids.
  • Easy to apply non-flammable one part application.
  • No VOP’s or additional Hazmat fees for shipping.
  • Shelf life of 6 months at room temperature, 12 months in freezer.


  • Bonding graphite to graphite for repairs and fabrication.
  • Locking graphite and carbon fiber composite nuts to threads.
  • Bonding graphite foil to graphite rigid insulation or carbon fiber composites.
  • Bonding carbon fiber composites to graphite rigid insulation.


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