Graphite Board
Foil Layered


This Graphite Board is manufactured with alternating layers of rigidized felt, graphite foil, and has foil on both exterior surfaces. This combination creates a very stiff and dimensionally stable strong board that provides excellent erosion resistance and thermal uniformity, with great machining capabilities.

This board type is made to order. Please contact us directly for a custom quote. Our office currently has one board in stock, on sale, and ready to ship if the size fits your application.

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Temperature Rating: 2000℃

Grade: Graphite Foil Layered Board


  • The boards can be made in complex shapes and made to print in large sizes. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • Surfaces and edges can be sealed using our GraphiSeal to reduce porosity and improve oxidation resistance.
  • Boards can have foil added to the surface(s) or layered internally to increase radiant heat retention significantly while reducing issues with furnace contaminant containment.
  • Added foil aids in decreasing pump down times and increasing the longevity of the insulation.
  • Similarly, CFC covering on the boards provide durability, impact and wear resistance.


  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Powdered Metal Sintering
  • Annealing & Hot Pressing
  • Silicon / GaAs Crystal Growing Furnaces
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Fiber Optics Production.
  • CVD, CVI, and CVR Furnaces
  • Graphite Purification Furnaces
  • Carbon Fiber Heat Treating Furnaces


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