Graphite Foil


Graphite Foil (Grafoil) is an excellent sealing material for high temperature, high-pressure transfer of liquids, gasses, steam, chemicals, and corrosives. The material is manufactured from high purity, high crystalline natural graphite flakes, which are processed into the continuous foil.

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Temperature Rating:

In vacuum – 3000℃

In steam – 850℃

In air – 510℃

Grade: Standard or High Purity Rolls

Density: 1.1 g/cm³

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  • High purity material with excellent thermal stability and reflectivity.
  • Resistant to temperatures of 510℃ in air, 850℃ in steam, and 3000℃ in vacuum (or reducing).
  • Chemically inert with pH range of 0-14 (except strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulphuric acid).
  • Low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating.
  • Asbestos free and no associated health hazards.
  • Low electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity.
  • Highly anisotropic. Electrical and thermal properties different parallel to and perpendicular to flakes.
  • Excellent in-process longevity – minimize replacement and down time costs.
  • Easy to cut and shape. Machine to print available for gaskets and seals.


  • Thermally conductive gasket, seal, or liner, while being heat and chemical resistant.
  • Release foils in glasswork and hot presses.
  • EMI (electromagnetic interference) and chemical shield.
  • Thermal management and heat dissipation liner.
  • Cathodes for electrolysis of liquids.
  • Dry sheet lubricant, stress sensing, vibration damping, spark plasma sintering (SPS) and other thermal electronic or electrochemical applications.
  • Grafoil gasket


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