Graphite Tape Foil Crinkle Cut


Graphite Tape Foil Crinkle Cut is slit and corrugated from standard purity graphite foil. 99% graphite carbon with no filler or binder. The tape is offered with an adhesive back (2020-ZH) and without (2020-Z). Special treatments for corrosion and oxidation resistance are available upon request.

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Shipping Information

Graphite tape is shipped through a combination of UPS and freight depending on the order to ensure safe delivery. Please contact us directly for a custom shipping quote or place your order and a CeraMaterials’ representative will contact you to confirm shipping cost before processing your order.

Graphite Tape Foil Crinkle Cut Info

Temperature Rating:

In vacuum – 5400℉

Mild Oxidizing Environment – 1500℉

In air – 950℉

Grade: Standard tape

Density: 1 g/cm³


  • Compressible, conformable, and low creep relaxation.
  • Thermally and electrically conductive.
  • Heat, fire, and chemical resistant. Compatible with most chemicals.
  • Similar to wrapping tape


  • 2020-Z is the material used for making die-formed graphite rings.
  • 2020-ZH is used as form-in-place gaskets, valve stem packing, thread seal, or other irregular gasket/seal shapes.


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