Hearth Rail Segments


These Hearth Rail Segments are overstock and are sold at a discounted rate. Made from ISO Graphite. Click here to check out our capabilities for graphite.

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Graphite Hearth Rail Info

Isostatically Pressed Graphite- Also known as Isographite or Isotropic Graphite is a grade of graphite manufactured by taking a fine grain graphite powder blend and placing it in a hot isostatic press. The completed pressed cylinder or block is then further heat treated to fully solidify, densify, modify, and purify the material to the final crystalline structure and properties desired.


  • Electrodes and Semiconductors
  • Vacuum Furnaces and fixturing
  • Heaters and Heat shields
  • Electronic tube anodes
  • Continuous casting
  • Melting and sintering molds
  • Forge molds and EDM fixturing
  • Space and medical industry




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