High Duty
Hard Firebrick


40% Alumina Hard Firebrick

Hard firebricks are very hard, dense, and durable refractory bricks. These bricks are not insulating in comparison to their IFB counterparts. Typically used for their structural qualities and ability to absorb and conduct heat easily, permitting high temperatures needed in firing. Commonly used in tandem with insulating firebricks to provide an excellent complete solution for refractory applications.

If you need a specific grade, machining, or different shapes please contact our office directly for a custom quote.

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Hard Firebricks must be shipped freight to ensure safe delivery. Please contact us directly for a custom shipping quote or place your order and a CeraMaterials’ representative will contact you to confirm shipping cost before processing your order.

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Temperature Rating: 2900℉

Grade: High Duty


  • High temperature performance and firing.
  • Excellent acid and vase slagging resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength.
  • Great corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Prolongs lives of furnaces.
  • High bulk density.
  • Low iron content.


  • Industrial furnaces, boilers, and high temperature areas.
  • Blast furnaces and hot blast stove.
  • Electric Arc furnace roofs.
  • Coke oven and quench tower.
  • Soaking pit and kilns
  • Mining and Metallurgy
  • Chemical and refinery industries
  • Cement and refractory industries.
  • Large kilns, chimneys, fireboxes, and burner ports


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