Ceramic Coating


ITC-100HT is a versatile high-temperature coating rated up to 5000℉ proven to achieve outstanding energy savings and refractory protection. The coating is used as a covering for ceramic fiber insulation, castable, or brick refractory. The material works by reflecting radiant heat back into the furnace, kiln, or forge to achieve high temperatures quickly and efficiently. Use the coating as a standalone product or a base coat for other ITC coatings.

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Temperature Rating: 5000℉

Grade: 100-HT


  • Reduce
  • Fuel consumption in reheat, heat treat, and forging furnaces
  • Heating, firing, and process times
  • Recovery time
  • Scale generation
  • Slag build-up on boiler tubes
  • Refractory erosion due to slags & fluxes
  • Electrode consumption
  • Maintenance on refractory
  • Overall carbon footprint
  • Increase
  • Reheat furnace thru-point.
  • Furnace efficiencies.
  • Refractory life.
  • Residence times.
  • Eliminate
  • Corrosion due to condensing flue gases.
  • Molten metal breakouts in ladles.
  • Shrinking of ceramic fiber.
  • Repair, Protect, & Maintain
  • Refractory brick, fiber, castables, gunite & shotcretes
  • Tundishes and tundish lids.
  • Ladles & ladle preheat stations.
  • Pouring troughs.
  • EAF deltas
  • Metal surfaces exposed to high heat
  • Boiler tubes, steam & water piping.


  • Industries
  • Heat Treaters & Foundries
  • Iron, Steel, and Aluminum
  • Oil Refining & Petrochemical
  • Waste to Energy
  • Coke Production
  • Cement & Lime
  • Power Generation
  • Brick Manufacturing
  • Glass


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