JC3 Graphite Rods 1-1/8″ x 12″


JC3 is a dense fine-grained rod that is machinable and rated to a high temperature of 5432℉ | 3000℃. Its properties allow for good electrical conductivity and are typically used for electrochemical applications. If you are operating ≤ 1355℉ | 735℃ please review our JC4 Graphite Rods.

Rod Dimensions: 1-1/8″OD x 12″L

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Temperature Rating: 5432℉ | 3000℃

Grade: Extruded Graphite JC3

Apparent Density: 1.72-1.74 g/cc


  • Machinability to exceptionally close tolerances.
  • Good Thermal Conductivity as graphite is an excellent heat conductor and has great resistance to thermal shock.
  • High Compressive Strength ranging from 11K-38K lbs/in²
  • Corrosion Resistance for all practical purposes and is unaffected by most acids, alkalis, solvents, and similar chemicals.
  • Seal face flatness due to the high modulus of elasticity and stability to remain flat during operation at the rubbing faces.
  • Built-in Lubrications and Non-Galling. Products will not seize or gall in the most severe applications as the molecular structure of graphite forms an extremely thin film on moving parts.
  • Porosity. Graphite can be porous but impregnants are used to fill these pores and can range from high to totally impervious depending on need. Check out our GraphiSeal.


  • Heat Treating applications.
  • Used to support hearth rails or beams to allow for thermal expansion.
  • Fixtures or support post.
  • Electrodes, stir sticks, and other reaction purposes.


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