Moly Washers


Molybdenum Washers are a refractory metal with a melting temperature of 4760℉. Our Moly Washers are stocked and ready to ship. Additionally, Moly nuts are also available.

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Temperature Rating: 4500℉

Grade: Molybdenum Washers

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  • Excellent Strength & Stiffness at high temperatures.
  • High purity and excellent creep resistance.
  • Good machinability and easily fabricated.
  • High dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low emissivity and vapor pressure.
  • Good electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion
  • Ductile and corrosion resistant.
  • Excellent Thermal conductivity.


  • Hot Zones for high-temperature furnaces.
  • Sputtering targets for coating solar cells & flat screens.
  • Glass melting electrodes
  • Heat shields
  • Semiconductor base plates.
  • Brazing fixtures & Boring bars
  • Tools & Contacts
  • Pigments and catalysts.
  • Filaments, ribbons, and wires for lighting
  • Jet Tabs, rocket nozzles and missile parts


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