Refractory Cement
Wet Mortar 3000℉


This High Heat Refractory Mortar/Cement is specially formulated to have high water retention and was designed for the layering of fire, super duty, and high alumina bricks. If you are interested in a different mortar, cement, or need greater bond strength please contact us for a custom quote.


Refractory Cement and Mortar is an excellent solution for bonding brickwork into a solid unit and is rated to a temperature of 3000℉. The mortar (wet form) or cement (dry form) permits greater resistance to mechanical stresses, thermal shocks, and provides a cushion between irregular brick surfaces for a firm bearing on each course.

Our office stocks Wet Air-Setting due to its ease of application and rigid set upon air drying.

Common Names: Refractory Cement, Ceramic Refractory, Ceramic Refractory Wet Mortar

Temperature Rating: 3000℉Grade: Wet-Air Setting

MOR: 4200

Product Documentation


  • Smooth consistency develops a strong brick-to-brick bond
  • Excellent work capability and ease of application.
  • Resistance to the infiltration of air and hot gases
  • Resistant to all types of molten metal applications and destructive chemical attacks.
  • Retards penetration of slag and molten metal into the joints.


  • Laying and building brick installations for various applications which are subjected to intense heat.

Refractory Mortar/Cement Application methods

  • troweling, dipping, and brushing


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