Reinforced Graphite Foil w/ SS316 Wire Mesh Insert

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High purity industrial grade graphite foil reinforced with stainless steel 316 wire mesh. Foil is 1/8″ thick and pre-cut into 7″ x 18″ sheets. Insert material provides additional strength for high-pressure applications and better handling.

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Shipping Information

Packaging for this material is per order and variable. Our office will package the material in the smallest secure footprint possible for shipment through UPS dependent on quantity. All shipping cost will be added to the final invoice and paid in full prior to shipment.


Temperature Rating:

In vacuum: 1800℉ | 983℃ (Temp. Limit of SS insert)

(Limit of Graphite is 5400℉ | 2983℃)

In steam: -400-1500℉ | -240-850℃

In air: -400-950℉ | -240-510℃

Reinforced Graphite Foil Sheet Grade: 2030S

Density: 1 g/cm³


  • Excellent sealability to seal imperfect surfaces that meet stringent emission regulations
  • Heat, flame, and chemical resistance. Material is compatible with most corrosive chemicals.
  • Suitable for high pressure applications.Blow-out resistant
  • Low creep relaxation and no aging.
  • Non-hazardous and RoHS compliant.


2030S with Wire Mesh Reinforcement

  • Ideal sheet gasket material for industrial fluid sealing. Recommended for 150-300 class service.
  • Typically used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, paper mills, and other industrial applications.
  • Meets stringent emission regulations and is blow-out resistant.


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