Silica Cloth


Silica Cloth is an 8 harness satin weaved cloth fabric made from ≥96% silica. Material is fireproof and engineered with a proprietary abrasion-resistant finish. The cloth can easily be sewn and fabricated into applications to withstand welding sparks and light molten splatter. Common applications include welding curtains, blankets, pads, and protection for personnel/equipment. Operating at temperatures greater than 1800℉ (983℃)? Review our Ceramic Fiber Cloth. Contact us for a quote.

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Temperature Rating: 1800℉ | 983℃

Grade: Silica 18oz/yd² (.125/lb²) or 36oz/yd² (.25/lb²)

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  • Cloth is fireproof, flexible, and manufactured from a superior strength weave
  • Resistant to welding sparks and light molten splatter
  • Protective welding insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and pads
  • Properitary abrasion resistance finish
  • Equipment and Personnel protection
  • Easily sewn or fabricated into applications
  • High temperature seals, gaskets, and/or tadpole gaskets
  • Contains no asbestos or ceramic fibers
  • Material can meet MIL-C-24576A (SH) requirements
  • Properties maintained up to 1800℉ (983℃)


  • Insulation wrapping material for pipes, wire, cable, exhaust, and other geometric shapes
  • Protective welding insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and pads
  • Equipment and personnel protection
  • High temperature seals, gaskets, and tadpole gaskets
  • Power generation, Refineries, Shipbuilding, & Metal processing Industries


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