Tadpole Gaskets
Custom 2300°F

Tadpole Gaskets manufactured for your specific application. Designs include single or double bulbs, single or double tails, and/or your own design. Gaskets are a great solution for door gaskets, flange gaskets, or air handling valve gaskets.

This material is made to order. Please contact us directly for a custom quote.


Tadpole Ceramic Gaskets are custom manufactured in the USA to customer specifications. Available in single or double bulbs or single or double tails, these gaskets provide an excellent solution for high-temperature applications such as door, flange, and air handling valve gaskets. Rated for temperatures up to 2300℉, with a melting point of 3200℉.

Benefits of Tadpole Gaskets

  • Heat and fireproof resistance
  • Use over irregular surfaces
  • Thickness and compression of bulb allows material to rebound and conform to uneven surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant and excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals
  • Varying bulb inserts or tadpole mesh coverings available
  • Standard and custom designs available
  • Single Bulbs or Double Bulbs
  • Single Tail or Double Tails
  • Custom bulb and tail design
  • Made in the USA

Applications of Tadpole Gaskets

  • Door gaskets
  • Flange gaskets
  • Air handling valve gaskets
  • Sealing oven doors
  • Ducting and Dampar Blades
  • Expansion and panel joints
  • Burners


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