Water Based
Graphite Coating


A water-based graphite coating is specially formulated to provide superior lubricating and a release film for high-temperature applications. The coating’s unique particle size and binder system combine to promote a tenacious graphite film for maximum protection against galling, soldering and seizing.

Also known as Bonderite 137 or DAG 137.

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Grade: Bonderite 137/ Dag 137

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  • Provides excellent coverage and maximum release characteristics.
  • Superior adhesion and abrasion resistance.
  • Complete wetting of hot metal surfaces.
  • Finer surface finishes in casting applications.
  • One year shelf life, unsealed.


  • Non-ferrous extrusion.
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous forging lubricant.
  • Aluminum permanent mold.
  • Low pressure casting.
  • Parting compound.
  • Chain, thread, and Hot Zone bearing lubricant.
  • Anode stub coating and Ingot casting.


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