Safety Data Sheets

Graphite & Carbon Products

Pan Carbon & Graphite Felt
Rayon Carbon & Graphite Felt

Specialty Felt
Activated Carbon Felt and Cloth

Rigid Boards
Carbon Board (Rigidized Pan Felt)
Graphite Board (Rayon Sliced Foam)
Graphite Board 2200℃ & Foil Layered

Graphite Foil
Graphite Foil Rolls, Sheets, & Tape
Graphite Foil Reinforced Sheets (2030R, 2030E, 2030S, 2030P)

Carbon Fiber Composites
CFC/CC All Grades & Shapes

Carbon Cordage
Carbon Cordage

EBS-1X Adhesive
EBS-2X Adhesive Parts 1 & 2

Water Based Graphite Coating
Graphiseal Preceramic Polymer Resin
ATC-LV3 Anti-Eutectic Coating
GTC-LV3 Low VOC Coating
4000℉ ITC-213 Graphite and Metal Coating

Machined Graphite
Machined Carbon & Graphite Parts
JC3 & JC4 Graphite Rods

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Blanket
2000 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Wet Wool (WW)
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Blanket High Purity
2600 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Zirconia Grade

Non RCF Blanket
TREO 2000

Ceramic Fiber Boards
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Board Low Density
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Board High Density & Single HD Board Packs
2600-3000 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Boards Zirconia & Extra High Temperature

BioSoluble Insulation Boards (MG-1900)
2012 ℉ BioSoluble Insulating Boards: MG-1900

Ceramic Fiber Paper
2300 ℉ Standard & Binderless Ceramic Fiber Paper
2600 ℉ Zirconia Grade Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Bulk
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Bulk High Purity
2600 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Bulk Zirconia Grade

Ceramic Fiber Modules
2300-2600 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic Fiber Textiles
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Textiles: Rope, Braid, Tape, Cloth, and Sleeving
1800 ℉ Silica Cloth: 18oz & 36oz

Rigidizer, Cement, & Glue
2600 ℉ Colloidal Silica Rigidizer
3000 ℉ Colloidal Alumina Rigidizer
2300 ℉ RCF Coating Cement
3000 ℉ Refractory Mortar
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiberboard Glue
2600 ℉ Ceramic Fiberboard Glue
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiberboard Moldable Mix

ITC Coatings
5000℉ ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating
5000℉ ITC-296A Ceramic Top Coating
5000℉ ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair
5000℉ ITC-200EZ Ceramic Fill
4000℉ ITC-213 Graphite and Metal Coating

Insulating FireBricks
Insulating FireBrick

Moly & Tungsten Products

Molybdenum (Moly, Mola, TZM)
Moly All-Thread & Hex Nuts
Moly Rods, Wire, & Washers
TZM All-Thread & Hex Nuts

Performance Ceramics

Oxide Ceramics
Alumina (Sintered) Ceramic Grades

Non-Oxide Ceramics
Boron Nitride