Technical Data Sheets

Graphite & Carbon Products

Pan Carbon & Graphite Felt
Rayon Carbon & Graphite Felt

Specialty Felt
GFE-1 Pan Graphite Felt
Activated Carbon Felt

Rigid Boards
Carbon Board (Rigidized Pan Felt)
Graphite Board (Rayon Sliced Foam)

Graphite Foil
Graphite Foil Rolls & Sheets
Graphite Foil Reinforced Sheets (2030R, 2030E, 2030S, 2030P)
Graphite Foil Crinkle Cut Tape

Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon Fiber Composites
Woven CFC
Chopped CFC

Carbon Cordage
Carbon Cordage

Graphite Braid
Graphite Braid

EBS-1X Adhesive
EBS-2X Adhesive Parts 1 & 2

Water Based Graphite Coating
Graphiseal Preceramic Polymer Resin
ATC-LV3 Anti-Eutectic Coating
GTC-LV3 Low VOC Coating
4000℉ ITC-213 Graphite and Metal Coating – Coming Soon

Machined Graphite
Machined Carbon & Graphite Parts – Coming Soon
JC3 & JC4 Graphite Rods

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Blanket PCW Grade 3000℉
Wet Wool Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Boards
Ceramic Fiber Boards
BioSoluble Ceramic Fiber Boards
Mineral Wool Board

Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Ceramic Fiber Modules
Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic Fiber Textiles
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiber Textiles: Rope, Braid, Tape, and Sleeving
Ceramic Fiber Weaved Cloth
1800 ℉ Silica Cloth: 18oz & 36oz

Rigidizer, Cement, & Glue
2600 ℉ Colloidal Silica Rigidizer
3000 ℉ Colloidal Alumina Rigidizer
2300 ℉ RCF Coating Cement
3000 ℉ Refractory Mortar
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiberboard Glue
2300 ℉ Ceramic Fiberboard Moldable Mix
3000 ℉ Castable Cement

ITC Coatings
ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating
ITC-296A Ceramic Top Coating
-℉ ITC-148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair – Coming Soon
-℉ ITC-200EZ Ceramic Fill – Coming Soon
ITC-213 Graphite and Metal Coating

Refractory Anchors

Insulating FireBricks
Insulating FireBrick
Hard FireBrick

Moly & Tungsten Products

Molybdenum (Moly, Mola, TZM)
Molybdenum (Moly, Mola, TZM)


Performance Ceramics

Oxide Ceramics
Sintered Ceramic

Non-Oxide Ceramics
Boron Nitride
SSiC & SiSiC